All to do in 22

Well, it’s been an interesting end of 2021 and a new beginning in a fun year word to say, 2022.

The day after Christmas, my life took a left turn. I fell and broke my arm. In my bathroom. Doing nothing other than walking across the floor to grab something. (honestly, I was going too fast and I did hit a slick spot, not wet, just slick from hairspray off spray). Seventy-two excruciatingly painful hours later, I had surgery to clean up the mess I made, install a plate and 10 screws, and to right the wrong to my right arm.

Still, I’m grateful- I didn’t hit my head or break a leg, I didn’t fall on Christmas Day, and bonus I’m left-handed. But I have had to learn a whole new way to function in the two weeks since surgery. I’m just now able to sit down and type with ten fingers without all the muscles in my right arm screaming in agony. (yes, it hurts a lot but I can handle it for the freedom to type again). I can’t drive or work for a while but I can sleep on my left side again, which is the only way I get any rest. Mostly, I’m happy that I have a great surgeon and an awesome family taking care of me. And I promise to slow down.

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