Picture Book Summit 2022

Well it’s been a week (or nearly) since Picture Book Summit 2022. It was my second experience with this one-day online summit where we spent nearly 10 hours listening to real time sessions with authors, editors, and others who love all things picture book. The highlight of the day, or the keynote, was Kate DiCamillo. What an amazing listen! My take-aways from the whole, intensive, mind-boggling day can be summed up in 1 word- continue.

This past year, I’ve decided to “continue” several times- after my critique groups have found flaws in every draft of stories I hold near to my heart, after rejection upon rejection, after I’ve spent hours away from my family holed up writing in my closet/laundry room/office, only to feel more discouraged than ever by the end of another day.

Than Kate spoke. And I’m continuing…